Birdie Hicks
Placeholder person
Occupation Council member
Parents Mother Hicks (mother)
That's one woman who keeps this kettle boilin'!

Ma Kettle on Birdie Hicks

Birdie Hicks is a well-respected resident of Cape Flattery, Washington. Usually active in local politics and community affairs, Hicks is a snobby and austere spinster who greatly despises Ma and Pa Kettle and their fifteen children.

Early lifeEdit

Not much is known of her early life except that she is the daughter of Mrs. Hicks and was courted by Clem Johnson in her youth.[1]

Council member careerEdit

As a council member, Hicks tried to get the town council to condemn the Kettle Farm (the residence of the Kettle family) but was unsuccessful in doing so because the Kettles had won a model home-of the-future and were therefore moving out of the farm.[2]